Stoic Wallet
Stoic WalletStoic Wallet allows anyone to create a digital wallet.
DSCVRA completely decentralized social content platform running on the #InternetComputer beta preview started!
OpenChatReal-time messaging is now possible on a blockchain.
Internet Astronauts
Internet AstronautsInternet Astronauts is a collection of 10,000 unique digital NFT collectibles only found on the Internet Computer!
ICPuppiesICPuppies is the first animal NFT collection deployed on the Internet Computer and also one of the earliest released on Entrepot, a marketplace where you can collect and trade them.
PortalPortal is the world’s first end-to-end decentralized streaming service.
Saga Tarot
Saga TarotHave your fortune told on the Internet Computer.
ORIGYN Foundation
ORIGYN FoundationWe are on a mission to identify, authenticate and unlock the powers of ownership for objects of value.
ICP Neuron Calculator
ICP Neuron CalculatorLong time Internet Computer fan.
TONIQ LABSBuilding the future with blockchain
SudographSudograph is a GraphQL database for the Internet Computer.
DeckDeckGoDeckDeckGo is a web open source editor for presentations.
IC Drive
IC DriveA decentralized private file storage dapp built on the Internet Computer.
AedileAedile is the first open project management service hosted on the Dfinity Internet Computer.
DistriktDistrikt is a completely decentralized, community-owned professional network.
Rise of the Magni
Rise of the MagniIt is a game that is experienced through story mode adventure.
Welcome Into the Metaverse
Welcome Into the MetaverseThis game brings digital community into a unified virtual space.
ReversiReversi is one of the first Canister and a completely decentralized multiplayer game.
HexGLHexGL is a futuristic racing game .
ICPunksICPunks has developed 10,000 randomly generated.
EntrepotBy definition, an entrepôt is a port, city, or trading post where merchandise may be imported, stored or traded.
Departure Labs
Departure LabsDeparture Labs is developing productized open internet services for developers and consumers.
NuanceNuance is a Web3.0 blogging platform.
The Wall
The WallThe Wall is a dapp built on the Internet Computer blockchain.
NFT Village
NFT VillageA friendly place for all of your favorite NFTs on the Internet Computer
IC Canvas
IC CanvasThis is an experimental project from the Dfinity Foundation 2021 hackathon.
ICPBunnyYieldable #NFT & Breedable #NFT Powered by Dfinity
METASCORELeaderboards and prizes for the DSCVR Season 2 Gaming Hackathon.
DotsThis is a hackathon project, build in less than 1 day.
Infinite Charity Project
Infinite Charity Project A fine art photography NFT sale to benefit a forever home for rescued chimps.
IC Ape Ventures
IC Ape VenturesWe make sure that every emerging product looks realistic, charismatic, strong and intelligent.
CanlistaFind, publish and extend applications and services built on the Internet Computer.
Cronic NFTs
Cronic NFTsCronics play-to-earn ecosystem on the $ICP blockchain.
IC Photographers
IC PhotographersAt IC photographers, the aim is to bring both creator and collector together.
DfinityNFTThe Cryptogarden of The Internet Computer.
ExponentThe Exponent Platform is a complete Layer1 DeFi solution running on DFINITY’s Internet Computer.
IC Gallery
IC Gallery Home of the Metaverse. 9999 unique 3D Moonwalker NFTs
ICP ArtExclusive Hand-Crafted Art Collections
ICP Squad
ICP SquadFirst Engage To Earn #NFTs Game. Powered by @dfinity
ICTuts1st pharaohs NFTs in the world ExCLUSIVE @ #ICP 10,000 randomly generated TuTs ( king TuT ).
NewsieComic Book and NFT Collection On The Internet Computer
NFT Studio
NFT StudioNFT Studio allows users to Mint, Buy, Sell and Stake 3DWASM NFTs on the Internet Computer
The Sword NFT
The Sword NFT Follow for updates and airdrop information.
ICPMeeta Tinder on ICP
Go Bazzinga
Go BazzingaWorld’s first decentralised “Short-Video X Draft Kings” Social Speculation Platform
Learned LEARND is a community driven educationnal platform running on Internet Computer.
Cube Run
Cube RunThe classic game, “Cube Run” gets an update by having a new graphic interface and being hosted completely on-chain.
ICMoji Origins
ICMoji OriginsICMoji Origins is an NFT-based multiplayer game built end-to-end on-chain on the Internet Computer.
Lo-Fi Player
Lo-Fi Player Lo-Fi Player is a dapp hosted on the Internet Computer that lets users listen to relaxing beats delivered by blockchain.
Mission Is Possible
Mission Is PossibleNFT-powered Play-to-Earn PvP shooter 🎮🔫 being built 100% on the #InternetCompute
ICTexas IC Texas Hold’em is a dapp hosted completely on-chain on the Internet Computer.
CosmicraftsMultiplayer HTML5/WebGL game with NFTs
ICSnakesA collection of 10,000 randomly generated Snake NFTs on #ICP blockchain hunting for food.
SkyDocsDecentralized Google Docs Alternative (Dfinity Grant Project)
Dfinity Bulls
Dfinity Bulls8,888 Awesome Badass Bulls will ever be minted! Exclusively on ICP!
IC Turtles
IC TurtlesIC Turtles is a collection of 10000 algorithmically generated turtles (AND ACCESSORIES) on the IC.
Meme Cake
Meme CakeMeme Cake is the world's first decentralized comedy platform. Think of it as a 9GAG but decentralized.
Yolo Club
Yolo Club#YoloOctopus is collection of 8888 Intelligently generated NFTs on the Internet Computer blockchain.
CYMAN10,000 randomly generated cybernetic humanoid's from 550,000,000 BCE built on the Internet Computer.
Haundet Hamsters
Haundet HamstersHaunted Hamsters are 3333 hamsters, who have been haunted on the hill of Hamsterville.