Saga Tarot
Saga TarotHave your fortune told on the Internet Computer.
Rise of the Magni
Rise of the MagniIt is a game that is experienced through story mode adventure.
Welcome Into the Metaverse
Welcome Into the MetaverseThis game brings digital community into a unified virtual space.
ReversiReversi is one of the first Canister and a completely decentralized multiplayer game.
HexGLHexGL is a futuristic racing game .
METASCORELeaderboards and prizes for the DSCVR Season 2 Gaming Hackathon.
DotsThis is a hackathon project, build in less than 1 day.
Cube Run
Cube RunThe classic game, “Cube Run” gets an update by having a new graphic interface and being hosted completely on-chain.
ICMoji Origins
ICMoji OriginsICMoji Origins is an NFT-based multiplayer game built end-to-end on-chain on the Internet Computer.
Lo-Fi Player
Lo-Fi Player Lo-Fi Player is a dapp hosted on the Internet Computer that lets users listen to relaxing beats delivered by blockchain.
Mission Is Possible
Mission Is PossibleNFT-powered Play-to-Earn PvP shooter 🎮🔫 being built 100% on the #InternetCompute
ICTexas IC Texas Hold’em is a dapp hosted completely on-chain on the Internet Computer.